Youth Training

An Athletic Development & Training Roadmap for Youth Athletes with Coach Mike Boyle

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Be Able To Navigate Through Youth Sports And Long Term Athletic Training With This Youth Development Roadmap.

Get a Deeper Understanding of the WHAT, WHEN, WHY and HOW of Youth Sports Performance.

Complete Youth Training was designed to really make you think about what we are doing in youth sports and youth development, to hopefully make you question some of the processes we as an industry currently utilize, and ideally to inspire change. Coaches will be able to provide a better training experience for their athletes and parents will be more informed to make educated decisions so that their youth athlete can reach their full potential.

Learning Objectives

Complete Youth Training Covers:

  • What is happening in today‚Äôs youth sports industry
  • Early Specialization
  • LTAD (long term athletic development)
  • When should kids lift?
  • Research & Programming
  • Playing Year Round Sports
  • Our Biggest Youth Sport Problems
  • Early Succeeders vs Late Bloomers
  • (Age Specific) Training Stages
  • Strength & Conditioning Training Plan

Course Content

Youth Training

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