Complete Sports Conditioning

Discover How to Avoid The Mistakes That 95% Of Coaches Make When Conditioning Athletes And Start Developing Programs That Get Results

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Complete Sports Conditioning is 5 hours completely dedicated to developing true expertise in conditioning for athletic performance.

Learning Objectives

  • A practical, scientifically founded and fully comprehensive approach to conditioning you can immediately apply in any training setting.
  • The actual 'why' behind any effective conditioning program and how losing sight of it kills any benefit of the conditioning most coached are programming.
  • The inconvenient truth about the sport science guys teaching conditioning methods who really just want you to think they're smart...but don't yield great results.
  • How much volume, how many reps and how much time or distance for optimal results.
  • The role interval training plays in developing better athletes...faster.
  • The only 3 true goals of conditioning
  • Why the BEST conditioning exercises AREN't "conditioning" exercises!
  • How improving your conditioning can improve performance regardless of the sport.
  • The truth about steady-state training and the role it should play in your programming.
  • Real-world, proven training application, and strategies.  

Course Content

Complete Sports Conditioning

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